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Please note that this form only applies to registered Members of Ovation Music. If you are not registered with us and would like to get involved then please contact us. Thank you.

We will be providing Online Saturday Sessions (via ZOOM) and other related Online Activity (via a private Facebook Group) whilst we remain under Lockdown/Social Distancing. For this to work we require the Parent/Guardian (unless age 18 or over) to provide the preferred Email Address for ZOOM invites/scheduling (This can be a family Email or one for the individual child/young person as long as it is provided by the Parent/Guardian) and a Facebook Username so we can invite them to join the ‘Ovation Student Forum’ Facebook Group (this can be the Parent/Guardian or the child/young person as long as it is provided by the Parent/Guardian). Please complete the form below.

Please read our Safeguarding & Procedure Policy (see below) prior to submitting this form. Please note that Online Music Sessions are a temporary measure and that our Standard Terms of Service (as agreed on initial registration) continues to apply. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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    Safeguarding & Procedure Policy


    a. All Saturday sessions will be scheduled in advance and an invitation to the session will come to the Email address you provide.
    b. Once you have received the invite you are able to enter a ‘virtual waiting room’ to wait for the Tutor.
    c. Sessions can be accessed in three ways:
       1. Through an internet browser by clicking on the link provided.
       2. Through the zoom application by clicking on the link provided.
       3. Through the zoom application using the meeting code provided.
    d. All sessions will last 30min (1hour for the choir) then the remaining 15min will give Tutors time to create and upload any material the students may need. NOTE – This will be provided via the private Facebook group – ‘Ovation Student Forum’.


    a. During the time of lockdown, all tutors will be providing sessions via the online platform of Zoom, this has been deemed the safest platform for use by our Child Protection Person.
    b. All Tutors using this platform for Ovation Music have a current DBS.
    c. The Zoom meeting IDs and passwords for all sessions will be provided to the Founder/Trustee, Child Protection Person and a Tutor Mentor, one of which will ‘drop-in’ on each session.
    d. Sessions can be recorded on request, subject to agreement from involved parties.
    e. Sessions will be secured with a password.
    f. Ovation Music will invite parents of children under the age of 13 into the ‘Ovation Student Forum’.


    a. Students must be in an environment that is appropriate for learning.
    b. Students must be wearing appropriate clothing.
    c. Students must inform their Tutor if they are unable to attend a session.
    c. Students are responsible for connecting to the session provided. Tutors will not be contacting those who do not.
    d. Students seen to be communicating with another student in an inappropriate manner will be removed from the session by the Tutor and will be reported to the appropriate person.

    NOTE – Ovation Music maintains the right to remove any student from sessions if the above standards are not met.

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