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NOTE: This form only applies to those who attend in-school music lessons provided by Ovation Music.

To arrange lessons we require the Parent/Guardian to sign up using the form below.

Please read our Privacy Notice and our Terms of Service (see below) prior to completing the form. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Terms of Service


a. Regular Lessons are provided during school term and are subject to a minimum booking period of one full term (or remainder thereof if starting during a term).
b. Associated fees are payable termly and in advance of Lessons taking place. Half a term notice is required to cancel lessons.


a. Cancellations made within the booking period are non-refundable.
b. If we are unavailable to provide a Lesson due to illness (or any other reason beyond our control), notice will be given and the lesson will be made up or a credit to the value of the session will apply.


a. Individual Students of Ovation Music are responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any instrument, accessory or music lent by the tutor.
b. Individual Students of Ovation Music are responsible for the insurance of their own instruments.
c. Individual Students of Ovation Music sessions are to inform their Tutor of any medical, or other, condition that may affect a lesson.


a. Ovation Music carries appropriate Public Liability Insurance. All our tutors are DBS approved.
b. Ovation Music only accepts responsibility for the safety of individual students once they are under the supervision of the tutor within the classroom.
c. All equipment provided by Ovation Music remains the property of Ovation Music and must not be handled or used in any way without permission.


a. Ovation Music complies with Data Protection Legislation (GDPR). Our Privacy Notice is available on the Ovation Music Website, amongst other things it sets out our procedures for handling personal data.
b. In accordance with our Privacy Notice every person registering with Ovation Music is asked to give their permission for us to store and process the minimum amount of personal information we require to provide our music sessions, performance opportunities and other related services.
c. If permission (5b) is not given, and there is no agreeable alternative, then we reserve the right to decline the request for lessons
d. If permission (5b) is withdrawn at a later date, and there is no agreeable alternative, then we reserve the right to decline further lessons. 


a. These terms of Service may be updated from time to time.

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