Saturday Sessions

We provide a variety of supervised musical activities on Saturday mornings during term time. These take place in fully equipped rehearsals studios at Chichester Music Academy (find us here) and at Portsmouth Music Academy in Southsea (find us here). We welcome young musicians and singers (ages 10-18) and are happy to arrange trials for anyone interested in joining us.

We strive to make all our activities both accessible and affordable to all. Drop in sessions are FREE. Fees are based on a 10 week term (10 sessions) and vary between £100 and £150 per person depending on the number of members in each band / group.

DISCOUNTS – 25% Sibling, 50% 2nd band / group, up to 100% for subsidised places (subject to funding and affordability – please enquire). A reduced fee applies to anyone joining a band / group during a term.

Drop In’s

We provide weekly ‘Taster’ sessions on Saturday mornings in Chichester. These are open to singers, guitarists, drummers, bassists and keyboardists age 10-16 who would like to have a go at playing with others in a band setting. FREE.


Tutored 60 minute sessions open to guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboard players and singers, with emphasis placed on musical compatibility. We put the bands together, work with them on material, and get them performing! Up to 5 members per band  .

House Band

Tutored 60 minute sessions open to guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboard players who are interested in performing more challenging material and working with vocal groups and/or singer-songwriters. Up to 6 members.

Vocal Groups

Tutored 60 minute sessions open to singers to perform as lead and/or backing vocalists working with our House Band. Up to 8 members per group.

Singer-Songwriter & Artist Development

Tutored 60 minute sessions open to singer-songwriters who are interested in developing their own music and performing with their own backing band.


Our Music Workshops allow students to learn to express themselves through creativity. Students will learn tried and tested techniques from experienced, working musicians and put them into practice to create an end product they can be proud of. These creative thinking and collaboration skills are invaluable both in and out of musical contexts. Workshops take place in School Holidays and can be provided in schools on request. Fees from £5 p/p.

Here are some examples:

Beginner Musicians

  • For those who have no idea where to start but would love to try writing a song!
  • Perfect for beginner instrumentalists and even those who cannot play an instrument
  • Introduction to all the essential music theory (and keyboard skills) you may need
  • Introduces both abstract and methodical approaches to creative song writing
  • Express yourself through lyrics, chords and melodies

Band/Group Songwriting

  • Perfect for groups of mixed abilities and confidence to write a song collaboratively
  • Write and perform a song from scratch as a band
  • Listen to each other’s ideas on chords, lyrics, melody, harmony and arrangement
  • Offers different thought processes and collaboration opportunities

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