Filming at the Minerva Theatre

It’s only been 15 months since our last Rock Show, but after a ton of work and planning (much of it on zoom) we’ve managed to safely film and record 15 bands and groups (ages 8 to 17) performing live at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Music videos will accompany the forthcoming short film “Stand Up, Stand Out” to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Ovation Music. It’s been an awesome week for everyone involved and so good to see these young bands playing together for the first time in well over a year!! Huge thank you to Chris, Gabriel & Jackson for the filming, David Scarlett and Jack Hertzberg for the sound and audio recording, Ben for the superb lighting, Murray Hughes for the support along with the rest of our excellent team of tutors (Georgie, Tom, Immy, Dan, Henry, Robbie), James for the drum kit, the Theatre tech crew, our supporters & sponsors, and everyone who donated to make this happen!

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